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- Amplifiers - Universal Telephone Amplifier

$ 89.95

The Plantronics Vista M22 Universal Telephone Amplifier enhances the sound quality of phone conversations for professionals using traditional or VoIP phone systems. 


- Superior voice clarity with Clearline™ audio technology
- Delivers optimized audio levels for superior listening comfort
- Loud noise protection reduces the level of incoming noises, such as fax tones or whistle blasts to a more comfortable listening level
- Echo management for clearer calls
Reduces background noise
- Volume, headset/handset and mute controls
- Adjustable incoming/outgoing volume
- One-button selection of headset or handset
- Supports tradtional PBX systems, standard VoIP and wideband VoIP networks
- Compatible with most office phones (not for use with cordless phones or phones with a dial pad in the handset
- Portable, battery-powered (2 AA batteries included)
- Adapter needed for use with telephones that have a 2.5 mm jack

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