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- Amplifiers - DirecTalk Hands-Free Personal Listener

$ 120.50

The Hands-free DT-100 DirecTalk Personal Listener allows the user to better hear sounds in their immediate environment or from audio devices. The device is designed to be comfortable and rest of the user's shoulders. 


- Amplification can go up to 40 decibels.

- Proprietary High Definition Sound (HDS) Technology delivers nearby sounds in panoramic clarity to your ears while suppressing background noise

- High-fidelity speaker with passive noise isolation stays gently and comfortably in your ears without creating pressure or discomfort

- Digital Tone Enhancement allows you to boost and enhance the speech frequencies that you cannot hear well, making once-difficult words audible again

- Automatic Gain Control optimizes the sound level for superior listening comfort

- 2 AAA battery powered (included)

- About 50 hours listening time