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SmartLight LED Lamp

$ 64.95

The SmartLight LED Modern Floor Lamp projects natural day light to reduce eye strain. Adjust color temperature, light intensity, and the direction of the lamp's light. 

- Natural spectrum illumination replicates the characteristics of natural daylight.
- Energy efficient, extended-life LED that's perfect for students, professionals, hobbyists, crafters, and artists.
- 5 light intensity settings on sliding light dimmer (touch operated) allows you to customize light so that it's easy on your eyes.
- Color changing mode allows you to personalize the color temperature (measured in kelvins) with 3 adjustable modes.
- 5,000K to simulate bright white daylight contributes to visual clarity for artists, crafting and hobbyists
- 4,000K setting for cool blue light for reading and concentration
- 3,000K for warm, ambient light for relaxation
- The SmartLight remembers the last light settings used, and provides the same customized light when turned on again.
- Flicker-free and designed to reduce eye fatigue so you can work and study for longer periods of time.
- Provides true color rendering and visual clarity for maximum precision and focus.
- Adjustable goose-neck that's flexible and smoothly adjusts the light source to whatever angle is desired.

- Bulb: LED
- Watts: 14
- Lumens: 500 - 800 (varied based on setting)
- CRI: > 80
- Dimensions: 48"H x 10.5"W x 9"D (64"H when fully extended)
- Weight: 11 lbs.

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