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New Customer FAQ

What products do you manufacture?
We manufacturer and package a variety of products, primarily in the paper disposables and janitorial/sanitation categories. Our primary products are unprinted, stock, and custom printed paper cups, single-fold paper towels, sponges, and military mess trays. Check out or full product catalog here.

Who do you sell the products you manufacture to?
Lighthouse Louisiana is proud participant in the federal AbilityOne program and a large percentage of our products are sold to the US military branches and federal civilian agencies through this program. However, we also make products applicable to restaurants, hotels, and other businesses using paper disposables, particularly paper cups and paper towels. Our full catalog of offerings for both federal and commercial customers can be found by visiting our store.

Are your manufactured products environmentally friendly?
We are proud of our tradition of sourcing raw materials manufactured in the United States and purchasing materials that are environmentally friendly when available. For example, our paper towels are made using post-consumer waste materials and with recycled content and our cups are available in a plant-based material (“PLA”) coating which allows for the cup to be commercially compostable. Our products also socially conscious and all of our products create jobs for individuals with disabilities. For specific details on the environmental components of a specific product, email our Customer Service Department at

Why can't I see a specific catalog?
Lighthouse Louisiana markets different products to different business sectors. When you sign up for a new account our customer service team adds the appropriate catalog access for you. If you just signed up for an account it may take up to one business day before your account is properly setup and flagged. If you need immediate access, please contact customer service at

How do I cancel, change, or check the status of an order?
Please contact the Lighthouse Louisiana sales department by emailing or calling (504) 899-4501 ext. 233.

Where can I make a purchase from the Lighthouse Louisiana low vision store Magnifiers & More?
Visit the Magnifiers & More store online at

Where can I view the Returns Policy for the Shop?
Visit our Terms and Conditions page at