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- Amplifiers - Sennheiser Set 900 TV/Personal Listening System

$ 295.95

The Sennheiser Set 900 has been designed to amplify and clarify sound in a multitude of scenarios including concert halls or simply watching television. This device uses an infrared system to better focus sound amplification and selection.

- 125dB max SPL

- 3.5mm stereo jack plug in transmitter

- Three hearing settings on transmitter; optimized speech intelligibility due to switchable compression and treble boost

- Up to 40 foot range for TV

- Connects to TVs and other multimedia devices, stereos and radios

- Infrared transmission

- Customizable stereo sound

- Two switchable microphones on receiver pick up and amplify surrounding noise, allowing the user to hear ambient sounds such as the phone ringing while watching TV

- Foldable receiver and carrying case for easy transportation

- Amplified stereo sound at home and in rooms equipped with infrared technology (e.g. theater)

- Large, ergonomic volume control with LED display

- Precisely fitting, flexible ear cushions for high wearing comfort

- Receiver with automatic on/off function

- Balance control

- Automatic on/off

- Rechargeable lithium-polymer battery for up to 12 hours of use