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- Amplifiers - RCA Symphonix Personal Sound Amplifier

$ 280.50

The RCA Symphonix PSA10 is an amplifier that makes environmental sounds up to 30 db louder with 3 volume and noise reduction settings.

- Can be used in right or left ear

- Speech frequency amplification and active layered noise reduction

- Syllabic layer reduces noise that is embedded in speech

- Environmental noise is slowly reduced when no one is talking, but is restored when talking resumes

- Dynamic compression circuitry amplifies softer sounds without amplifying sudden loud noises

- Open-fit, non-occluding earpiece and patented ear tube construction

- One/Off switch when you don't need the sound amplification

- 15 hour battery life; 5-7 hour recharge time

- Low battery audible indicator

- Earpiece is 0.25" thick