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- Smoke Alarm - Hard Wired Ceiling Mount Smoke Alarm with Backup

$ 141.50

The Gentex 7139 Hard Wired Ceiling Mount T3 Smoke Alarm with Backup provides both an audible and visual indication of smoke within the vicinity. 


This device is hard wired and requires the assistance of an electrician to install.

- 177 candela rating (very bright strobe light)
- Solid state 90dB horn (very loud)
- Full function test switch (easy for you to test that it is working)
- Flashes 60 times per minute
- Meets state, federal, and ADA requirements
- Mounting hardware for ceiling
- Temporal 3 (T3) Evacuation sounding device (3 beeps, pause, 3 beeps, pause)
- Tandem connection up to 6 detectors per system
- 9V battery backup (audible alarm only)
- UL Listed (USA)