Pilot Series: Grammar Boot Camp

$ 60.00

Pilot Series: Grammar Bootcamp

Do you feel like no matter how much or how hard you practice your interpreting skills just aren’t improving? Do you feel stuck on a plateau? In this mentorship class, we will take apart and rebuild your foundation of your skills so that you can get results out of your practice again!

While we are interpreting, we constantly have to balance The Goal, The Tone, and The Content of the message that we interpret. In the next 16 hours together, we will explore the variety of structures The Content in both English and ASL can take so that we can be more confident in our production in either language. We will answer: What is the structure of ASL? What does SOV or SVO mean? How do encode aspects of time, duration, plurality, agreement? What does it mean to encode? We will explore how linguists parse or chunk language. We will use this metalinguistic skill to elevate our practice to a new level.

4 weeks; 4 –hour training series

 July 13 Supporting your foundation, English!

July 20 Supporting your foundation, ASL!

July 27 Interpreters Superpower: Metalinguistic Cognition!

Aug 3 Now lets put it all together


Cost $60 one-time fee.  Payment is due after youve been accepted no later than July 13.

Payment method

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  • Cash

Space is limited! Complete application and submit to jlemar@lighthouselouisiana.org. Application attached.


We are looking for active community and educational interpreters to apply.

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